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Eoin Ryan leads our team and is a nationally recognised insolvency practitioner. We also have two other registered insolvency practitioners where alternative or joint appointments are required.

We know and understand the legal requirements in this area. We can advise the various stakeholders, outline their options and bring them through the process.

We provide direct, expert and straight-talking advice.

We have acted as Receiver/Receiver & Manager for all the major financial institutions, NAMA and other chargeholders/funds.

We know and understand the insolvent liquidation processes. Our team has the technical knowledge and first-hand experience. We have acted on court and creditor led liquidations throughout Ireland and across a variety of sectors.

In terms of solvent liquidations we understand the needs of companies and their advisors. We can meet these requirements in a hassle free and expeditious manner.

National Leaders

We are market leaders in Corporate Recovery and Insolvency. Our client base is reflective of our reputation in Corporate Recovery and Insolvency. We have acted for the leading financial institutions, NAMA, Revenue and other stakeholders.




Our receivership experience extends to a wide variety of trading and non-trading assets. Our caseload has included asset connections in the hundreds of millions of euros.


Enforcement & Strategy

We can develop and understand enforcement options. We can advise in responding to enforcement actions. We provide direct, reasoned and expert advice.


Insolvent Liquidations

Our team has extensive experience across court and creditor led liquidations. We understand the relevant law, the concerns of the various stakeholders and the needs of the process.


Solvent Liquidations

Our team can advise on the effiicent winding-up of solvent companies. We regularly work with other professionals to ensure the expeditiuos completion of these assignments.


Examinership, Schemes of Arrangement

We can advise businesses on how best to carry out formal and informal insolvency restructurings.

We can devise and implement such schemes assisting with negotiations etc.

  • Hands-on and straight-talking. Deep practical insolvency experience with necessary technical expertise.

    Partner, Top-tier legal practice

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