HLB Launches Global Annual Review 2022

Our member organisation HLB International recently published its global annual review highlighting the network’s significant growth with a substantive 9% in FY22, reaching a combined annual revenue of US$ 4,436,899,551.

HLB International credits this success to our ability to remain focused on our strategic priorities and draw on the skills and capabilities of our diverse global community.

Key 2022 highlights

  • Global combined revenue of US$4.44 BN, a 9% increase from FY21
  • Top 10 position in global network ranking
  • We are now 40,831 people across 156 countries and with 1,128 office locations
  • Audit & Assurance services make up 28% of revenue, Advisory services and Tax services both account for 27%, Accounting services make up 14% of revenue and 4% is coming from other services.
  • Our carbon footprint was reduced by 9% compared to 2021.

Explore and download the full report here